The Homeschool Discipleship Ministry (HDM) of Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley is a ministry that offers a place where our body of believers can join a community of homeschool families as we learn and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  

What is a Hybrid Homeschool Program?

Our hybrid program blends the best aspects of homeschool and a classroom setting. Parents work together in partnership with our teachers and students to provide the best education possible. We provide support for parents as they teach at home and for students as they learn a Biblical worldview in all aspects of learning. Hybrid parents have significant responsibility and accountability to ensure at-home work is completed and students comprehend what they’re learning on the homeschool days.

Classroom Learning
2 Days a Week

Mondays & Wednesdays are spent in the classroom with one primary teacher who leads the class in their daily work. Students will also participate in P.E. classes to keep their motor skills active and their minds sharp.  All learning is taught with a Biblical Worldview to ensure our students know how to walk in this world with Jesus as the center.

Homeschool Learning
2-3 Days a Week

Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent learning at home. Fridays are optional to stay home or to join for a shortened period of time in class. Parents will have essential 1-on-1 time with their children to connect and teach. Students can even complete more lessons if they choose. These days can be accomplished in just a few hours.

Elective Classes
1 Day a Week

Fridays are optional days where we will have some time in the classroom finishing the weeks work along with any projects that are being created.  We offer electives such as: languages, music, cooking, arts, and many other enriching activities.  These electives are open to the community and other homeschool families looking to further their child's education.

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