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"Love one another earnestly from a pure heart"

1 Peter 1:22b

It doesn't matter how many personality traits you line up on some internet dating site,
the person you marry is going to have faults.
The truth is that your spouse is going to be flawed and, even more shocking, you are flawed too.
When two flawed people get together, it's not only interesting, it can be downright dangerous.
The only chance we have for a good and even great marriage is to have God at the center of it.
Couples for Christ is designed to help couples build the marriage God intended and to enjoy a lifelong commitment of love and companionship.
Couples for Christ visits every room from the kitchen to the bedroom in a real and practical way.
Couples for Christ
looks at how to apply God's Word to our lives and to grow through commitment to the Lord and our spouse.
Couples for Christ will meet twice during the year for a weekend conference. This year in April the Conference will be “Marriage is a Ministry” and the conference in August will be “Love and Respect”.

Thursday night studies periodically throughout the year @ 6:30pm

On Thursday nights at the church, couples can bring a dessert to share while fellowshipping with and meeting new couples.
Child care will be provided as follows: (Please sign up for activities to ensure the correct coverage for your children).
When Couples for Christ meets at the church, there will be children’s church at the same time.
When Couples for Christ has nights out (Date Nights), arrangements will be determined for each event.

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